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Pikes Peak Porsche Featured

Photo courtesy of odysseyscoop.com Photo courtesy of odysseyscoop.com

From Ebay to Pikes Peak!

Here's something we don't see everyday! 

New project in the shop for a few days of wiring then we'll dyno tune for a run up Pikes Peak! We originally dyno'd on the engine dyno but now we have the whole package. Can't wait to see those meats try to fit on the chassis dyno ;)

What we've got here is a 2015 Porsche (sorta) with a mid engine, tube frame, single seat centerdrive, 492in LS MAST motor, California Motorsports G50 trans axle, Wilson Manifold (custom), REF exhaust out of Kingman AZ.

Car was originally purchased on ebay and has since had at least 14 well-known fabricators adding their touches~




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