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Josh Kalis '69 Camaro Featured

Josh Kalis '69 Camaro

Josh's camaro is one of the finest specimens we've seen a while. Honor was ours to travel to California and tune the car. Very impressive to say the least!

The car: Josh Kalis DC Shoes 1969 Camaro has a twin turbocharged 408 cubic inch LSX V8 engine putting out almost 1100 horsepower.  Kalis' DC Shoes 69 Camaro is a beast all around. The horsepower combined with the looks of the car turns heads.

The Man himself: Josh Kalis is a central part of DGK’s pro team for many reasons. He is a legendary veteran skateboarder who’s well respected by everyone. Originally from Dallas, Josh made a name for himself on the mean streets of San Francisco and Philadelphia. His skating helped define the late 90’s / early 00’s Love Park era and the plaza movement in general. That era would also cement Josh’s role as one of the all-time great skaters. Josh joined DGK in 2009, which was only natural given his strong ties with Stevie Williams, who credits Josh as being his mentor. Kalis currently resides in San Diego where he enjoys driving his infamous Camaro and further developing his website

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