Chassis Dyno

Pro Hub 4000 Axle/Hub Chassis Dynamometer

Pro Hub 4000 Axle/Hub Chassis Dynamometer

Only one in existence in the U.S. !!! Get your Pro Mod on the schedule now.

We're testing out MainLine's new we can't keep it BUT we get to use it for a while. 

"After many years on the drawing board, our new dynamometer concept is now a reality. Designed for extreme performance, and drag racing vehicle applications, the new Pro Hub 4000 bridges the gap between an engine dyno and a roller based chassis dyno. 

Tuning and testing of such extreme powered vehicles normally requires the engine to be removed and tuned on an engine dynamometer, or runs down a drag strip. The Pro Hub 4000 provides an effective “in chassis” tuning solution, without the need to remove the engine, or to hire a drag strip facility. 

Torque rated at 11800ftlbs (16000Nm), and a massive power capacity of 4000 Hp (2982Kw), the new Pro Hub 4000, is a serious dyno for serious powered vehicles throughout the world. 

Applications for this new Mainline Dyno include pre race testing, driveline testing, clutch evaluation, stall convertor mapping, multiple stage nitrous injection testing, and performance product research and development. 

Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers are now members of the "Hub Club", with arguably the most powerful axle hub dynamometer available in the world! "

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