Engine Dyno

Why dyno test an engine?

There are better reasons to dyno test than just to get a horsepower number to brag (or be embarrassed) about. So what are they?

  • To get accurate read out of horsepower and torque numbers.
  •  A computerized engine dynamometer can accurately measure torque and rpm and then can accurately calculate horsepower. This can show you the gains per change in your combo.


How are accurate horsepower and torque numbers used?

Knowing the horsepower and torque gives the engine dyno operator or engine tuner a solid basis for making changes in the engine's tuning or to the engine itself. This is simple. If horsepower and torque go up the change was likely correct, if they go down the change was probably incorrect. Here are some variables that can be tuned this way; Fuel mixture, intake manifold selection, cam grind and timing, ignition timing and advance curve, the headers primary tube diameter and length, collector diameter and length, and intake spacers.

 A dyno is an ideal place for the first run of an engine. The engine can be broken in and adjusted very easy on the engine dyno.

At Horsepower Connection we adjust and break in the engine before being tested. Engine break-in routines specified by cam and ring manufacturers can be accomplished under controlled conditions. Blow by can even be monitored as the piston rings seat.

Engine Dyno readings

The engine dyno will record things like Actual Air to Fuel ratios in the exhaust to let the tuner what has actually happened in the engine. This info along with EGT sensors can even get you per cylinder fuel and timing for max power.

 For a record of your engine's performance.

After a dyno test we can give you booklet full of detailed information about each individual test, baseline weather conditions on the day of the dyno testing, space for you to record engine build information, and many easy to interpret graphs of your engine's performance.

 What about the computer dyno programs?

We have one of the popular computer dyno programs and it will give you a rough idea of what your horsepower and torque will be. But what about tuning? An engine dyno is just another tool (however, an important one) to use to get an engine running the best it can possibly run. A computer dyno program is no help with this.

 Does dyno testing wear out the engine?

The engine dyno does not put any larger load on the engine than you would on a normal full throttle run down a race track or on the street. It is actually a much shorter time that this happens in and is only for 10-20 seconds per dyno pull. This is much shorter of a time than you would see on the street or a track.